mySuburbanLife. June 11, 2011.  Rene Tromell.


Portraits of the City,” capturing personalities who’ve defined Chicago, is on display through June at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. In a play on words, artist Peter Hagerty dubs the show “Chicago Guys.”  

In describing the intended impact of the exhibit, he explains, “When together, the pieces are an allegorical representation of the moods and personalities of Chicago.”

Hagerty comments on two of the works in the show:

Carl Sandburg
“When seen in old photographs, Carl Sandburg always seems somewhat frumpish. But, for its day, his prose about ‘common’ issues was very risqué. He wrote in a cutting style about the problems and the dilemmas of modern urban life — the transcendence of which can be found in rap and poetry slams.”

Frank Lloyd Wright
If you’ve ever lived in a ranch house, you can honestly say you have lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright creation. The grid system of Chicago influenced Wright’s design style. He needed to fit a house on a preordained lot size. For Wright, a 10-foot front and backyard were useless. The house was the main event. He took the two-story Victorian home and spread it horizontally to fill the lot — the Prairie style was born — and more specifically — the ranch house was born.”


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